Performance & Diagnostic Testing

Atlantic engineers perform thermal and performance testing to evaluate your cooling towers' capacity and efficiency. Performance tests with accurately calibrated instruments will demonstrate the thermal capability, cell balancing, and pumping conditions of your cooling tower. Diagnostic testing will pinpoint problems before they become critical.

This analysis is advised prior to upgrading so you know what additional capacity you can expect, and are able to calculate energy savings from better performance. 

For our customers who want to use third party agencies to conduct the testing, Atlantic can help.  Since all of our equipment is CTI-certified, third parties do not have to bring their own equipment, thereby reducing the overall test cost.

Think ATLANTIC for all your testing needs, including: 

  • Status test for determining thermal capacity.

  • Fan stack velocity profile for checking cell-to-cell airflow balance, blade tip clearance, blade pitting, hub disc effectiveness, and fan stall. 

  • Fan motor loading including line loss, motor de-rating, temperature rise, motor insulation, motor load factor, blade pitching, re-pitching airflow prediction, and winter motor loading prediction.

  • Film fill static pressure drop. 

  • Cell-by-cell water balance, power, airflow, heat rejection balance, fan, pump requirements, and operating energy efficiency.