Upgrades & Tower Replacement

At some point, even with proactive maintenance, it will become necessary to upgrade or replace your cooling tower. Our reconstruction specialists have been trained to analyze and assess the condition of your tower and determine what action is needed. Atlantic's skilled engineering and production task force stands ready to provide whatever service is needed, regardless of the manufacturer. 

Refurbishing your cooling tower allows you to replace the major components and take advantage of breakthroughs in design, technology, and new product efficiency. Your upgrade can include new mechanical equipment, fill and drift eliminators, spray systems, collection basin assemblies, and more. Modernizing your system results in maximized capacity and increased thermal performance, while reducing your overall operating costs.

When upgrading is not an option, Atlantic is also equipped for a seamless replacement of your cooling tower. We manage all the demolition and removals. We can engineer and/or aid in the selection of your new tower to meet your capacity requirements. Installation is completed by either rigging or assembling the new tower on-site.